Looking for cakes and pastry for your cafe, restaurant or hotel?

You are in the right place. This is our new department that will offer cakes pastries and soufflés as wholesale so we save you the hassle of having your own pastry department, saving a lot of space investments and expenses at very reasonable prices.

These cakes can be kept frozen in -18 degrees for 1 year and shelf life in +4 temperature is 4 days.

By using the best raw materials in the production, we gave importance to quality of our products.

Our products will shocked after baking at -35 ° and products can be preserved at -18 ° for 1 year without loss of freshness.

We have European Standards compliance and have Halal and İSO documentation for our products.

Since the day when our company was founded, exportation has been given special importance. With our distributors in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, we are moving towards our targets in the case of taking a significant place in the European market. We also export to Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, England and Sri Lanka.

We are planning to add baklava and flour products to the product scale together with the frozen products that it has already produced.

Our mission; Our consumers continue to be a leading and exemplary company in the sector by providing the most suitable and top quality services in line with their expectations.

Send your inquiries for quotation to sales@cake-decorating-supplies.net

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